Video of the Week / July 12

Pick of the week: Pushing both the already released arcade version of Wolfenstein 3D and its soon-to-be released big brother Wolfenstein, Activision started releasing a series of graphic novels this week that present us the story of Nazi nightmare B.J. Blazkowicz in a highly slylized, cheeky manner. And we love it so.

Nick Coffman: Too young/bored to have played Wolfenstien 3D but still want to know exactly what happens in crystal clear detail? You kill Hitler, and he has mini-guns for some reason. That’s it. Glad I could help you. If you’re still not satisfied, this week brought graphic novel for Wolfenstein 3D done in the guise of a Sin City animated comic strip. Chad George, our local comic book expert, was quick to point out the glaring similarities in both the over-the-top tone and art style. Where would we be without him and his encyclopedic knowledge of sequential art? Spoiler alert- Hitler dies in the end.

Jordan Fehr: Sin City + Wolfenstein 3D = Frakkin’ Genius

Chad George: Wolfenstein 3D looks even better in this video when smeared with a heaping pile of self-deprecating humor. From the MadWorld-style characters to the Kennedy-esque magic bullet that kills multiple enemies in a straight line, all wrapped up with classically horrible voice over, this video has everything that a fan of the original PC shooter could want, even chain-gun Hitler at the end.

Runner-up 1: Dante’s Inferno gameplay debut

Chad George: The first actual gameplay we get to see from hell is bringing this game higher and higher on my “to have” list. Yes, it looks like a God of War type game, but you’re in hell and have stolen Death’s scythe on a quest for true love! What more do you want?

Rain Anderson: While there’s nothing extraordinarily original to see here, it’s just a beautifully put together gameplay presentation that shows off the scale and some of the wicked craziness we can expect from this game. And the music is appropriately epic. Soundtrack please!

Runner-up 2: Prototype hints, tricks and stupid chopper tricks

Lee Bradley: As somebody who has yet to take sides in the open-world superhero squirmish that is Prototype vs Infamous, it’s gotta be said that Prototype‘s got the best trailers. This one hits the right fun spots, with all the elbow-dropping, building-destroying, skyscraper-surfing silliness you can handle. Oh and is it me, or does the Prototype guy’s Spiderman-esque webslingy thing remind you of the gruesome puppet scene in Nightmare on Elm Street 3? Yuck!