WoW hits technical issues

For a little over 24 hours, some World of Warcraft users have been unable to log on to get their regular fix. The forums are blowing up with complaints, with hundreds of people reporting that they can’t get past the authentication screen.

The problem was first reported at 8.37 PDT on July 10th. Blizzard’s last update on the forums was at 10.49 PDT last night: “We’re still working on alleviating the Account Management issues, folks. You have my apologies for any delays in getting this issue resolved.”

Some users have reported that they can log on again now, but when they do their characters have disappeared. Hopefully Blizzard will rectify this issue quickly, before people have to resort to leaving their computers and doing other stuff instead. Maybe even *gulp* outside!

About the author: Chris Barraclough
Chris Barraclough.
Like many of the other bloggers, I first got into gaming over two decades ago when my parents bought me my first computer - a ZX Spectrum. Their sole purpose was to get me to shut up and stay in my...  Read more...


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