Dev diaries all the rage these days, Section 8 joins the club

Southpeak took some time out of their day to sit down and talk about the upcoming Section 8 game, color us kind of impressed. While there is nothing really new or groundbreaking, the game looks very nice and well put together.

One of the main things that caught our eye was the burn-in spawning feature, which is supposed to stop the spawn camping problem. Not only can we pick what area to drop into, but we can also team up with our buddies and drop in one huge group to overtake a portion of the map. The “choose your spawn location” has been done before, but we think the rocket speed at which this happens, and the ability to shank a fool in the process, will be something to enjoy.

The developers go on to discuss customized weapon load outs and jet packs, all while showing actual gameplay and none of that pre-rendered junk.

Look for us when Section 8 hits shelves later this year. We will be the ones spawning in at a million miles an hour, discussing how sharp our knife is in your back, and then respawning again to ask someone else.