Fallout 3 PS3 DLC pushed back to September

So it turns out the first pack of Fallout 3 DLC to hit the PlayStation 3 isn’t as imminent as some had hoped, September to be exact. That’s a significantly longer wait than expected seeing as it was revealed Bethesda were putting the finishing touches on Operation: Anchorage, the first piece of DLC back in June. Another change is that Broken Steel will now be the first piece to be released.

Ashley Cheng, production director explained on the PlayStation.Blog, “That long? Keep in mind that not only do we need to test each DLC on PS3, we also need to test each DLC when used in conjunction with each of the other DLC, as well as all of them together, along with the entire original game.” So a lot more work is still needed before PS3 owners finally see the release of the content.

Despite this, there’s still a lot to look forward to as the DLC offers new missions, weapons, trophies, and more, and can be played with your original save. Two more months might seem a long time to wait, but when it finally rolls around, it’ll be worth it.