Get ready to rock with Guitar Hero 5 features trailer

Put on your pleather pants because here’s a taste of what the newest installment in the Guitar Hero series has in store for the living-room rockstars of the world. First thing to notice is that the graphics look as glamourous as ever with stage lights and pyrotechnics. Returning characters put Midori, Pandora, Lars, and Axel back in the spotlight (since you really wouldn’t want to see them in daylight).

One new feature is the Party Play mode, allowing players to jump in during a song arcade style. Just press a button, choose one of six difficulties and then start shredding. Up to four players can play simultaneously but with any combination of guitars, drums, and vocals that you have the hardware for. Also debuting is RockFest mode, a multi-format competitive mode for four players local or eight players online. Top it off with a huge list of artists and you’ve got a heck of show lined up for September 1.