Prototype to outsell inFAMOUS by 90%?

It’s a bold estimate, but Electronic Entertainment Design and Research (EEDAR) think that Radical Entertainment’s Prototype, which launched June 9th will sell over 90% more than Sucker Punch’s inFAMOUS, which released nearly 2 weeks before on May 26th. InFAMOUS is expected to sell 35 to 50% more on the PS3 however.

Of all the reasons this assumption might be made, the most relevant is the fact that inFAMOUS is exclusive to PS3, while Prototype hit both Sony’s system and the 360. Last month NPD reported that in the week it had been out, inFAMOUS managed to sell 175,900 copies, but it’ll be up to June’s NPD results to determine the victor of the two games sales wise.

When asked if any exclusivity money might balance things out, Jesse Divinich, EEDAR’s director of analyst services replied “SCEA published inFAMOUS, so I would venture to guess they paid nothing for exclusivity. Sucker Punch, the developers, have only done PlayStation 2 and 3 titles. They are most known for the Sly Cooper series. I am sure Sucker Punch receives a lot of financial incentives to stay exclusive to Sony, which likely takes the form of higher royalty percentage points on gross sales.”

So it looks like Prototype might win this battle, although the battle for gamers’ hearts still rages on between the two every day over the internet.