Alien Breed remake among most expensive digital titles ever

Here’s an eye-opener for you. The people behind the forthcoming Xbox Live remakes of Alien Breed have revealed that development costs for the trilogy of titles weigh in at a cool $2.5 million.

Speaking at this year’s Develop Conference, Team 17 Studio’s director Martyn Brown said that the project took a team of about 30 people “around 14-15 months” to complete, making Alien Breed “one of the most expensive digital titles to-date.” Remember that next time you knock a company for the lazy repackaging of classic games.

According to, the Unreal Engine 3-powered shooter is set to be released in three parts over Xbox Live later this year. It reportedly features around 15 hours of gameplay in total.

A top-down shoot-em-up from the Amiga old-school, the Alien Breed remakes caused a nostalgic sigh of anticipation when they were officially announced earlier this week. At least 3 of those sighs came from the direction of TVGB headquarters, so expect more news as and when we have it.