Halo Wars getting some more DLC

If you’re craving some new locals for your Halo based RTS game then July 21 will be a day to look forward to. The DLC is called Historic Battles and features four new maps and four new Achievements. It will run you 800 MS points for the four distinct battlefields.

The four maps are very different and featuring unique elements that affect gameplay. The Barrens is a 1v1 map with difficult terrain that funnels units into killing areas. Blood River is also a 1v1 map and features base locations nestled on a cliff overlooking the focal point of the red colored river. Glacial Ravine is a 3v3 map which has a snowy mountain pass that divides the zone in half where players have to control the narrow path through the mountains to be victorious. Memorial Basin is a 2v2 map that has a high middle ground and general open terrain that turns calculated battles into bloodbaths. By the sounds of it, the maps should be a welcome addition to the Halo Wars world and should create some interesting battles.