id won’t work on Bethesda properties

id Software is working on numerous titles at the moment such as Doom 4, Rage, and Wolfenstein. After being purchased by ZeniMax Media in June some wondered if this meant some of the employees would contribute to games developed by Bethesda. It turns out id is so busy these days Bethesda isn’t considering asking for id’s help on future projects.

Pete Hines of Bethesda spoke with about how ZeniMax help id build its staff in order to work on its games more quickly. He also spoke about the benefits of working directly with the developer that helped to create the first-person shooter genre.

Even though Bethesda has a veteran like id at its disposal it will not hinder its plans to work with other third party developers in the future.

For now Bethesda will continue to work on its key franchises such as Fallout and Oblivion and id will work on its own titles. Hines said the games Bethesda tends to make are not something id has traditionally worked on in the past so there’s enough room for everybody.