iPhone and iPod get worms

We warned you back in April that this would happen, but did you listen to us? Nope. Now here we are, talking about something that could have been discussed months ago — your iPhone has Worms. Team17 built this version specifically for mobile devices and unleashed the self-destructive little things onto the iTunes Store last week for enjoyment on the iPhone and iPod touch.

For those who are not familiar with the Worms game series, the game pits teams of, you guessed it, worms against one another in battles to the death on islands of various terrain. The critters do not just duke it out with little worm fists, they actually have weapons… and by weapons we mean the “holy crap is that an airstrike” kind of weapons. A total of 26 weapons, tools, and utilities will be at the worms’ disposal and veterans of the series will welcome the return of the normal arsenal as well as the inclusion of the Holy Hand Grenade, Ninja Rope, and, our favorite, the Concrete Donkey.

Using the Multi-Touch interface, the game allows for screen manipulation along the same lines as photo viewing on the iPod and iPhone with a pinch to zoom, two-finger scrolling, etc… Worms also allows us to create and name our own team of worms to battle with, gives us more voices and other rewards as the single player challenges are completed, and lets us choose to rock out to our own music or listen to the default in-game soundtrack.

We might just pick this up to play on the TVGB iPhone, at least it will give us something to do during the next UbiSoft E3 conference. Wait, what? James Cameron is still talking?