Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition to have real night vision goggles

Special/Collector Editions come and Special Editions go. That’s not true, they just keep on rolling in, don’t they? It’s to the point that special editions aren’t so special anymore. You know the drill at this point. Get a fancier packaging, get some useless signature crap that you can probably sell on eBay for a decent mint, and maybe some bonus in-game content like a rubber chicken gun dipped in gold. Infinity Ward is savvy to this fact, and clearly didn’t want a similar fate to befall their precious Modern Warfare 2. Their answer is, in addition to their Special Edition, or Hardened Edition as they call it, is the Prestige Edition. Here is probably the most awesome useless signature piece of crap ever to come packaged with a game: real functioning night vision goggles. Not only will this be a good party toy, but it can potentially save you if it’s ever 3am and you suspect malicious marauders have broken into your home. Thanks Infinity Ward! What’s more, if you’re a proud parent, your kid will be the talk of the town if you let him bring it to share day at school. If that’s not enough, you can now play Modern Warfare 2 at night. Wait a minute… Er… check out the unboxing video to see it and all the other special crap you can get with your game on November 10, which includes a free download of the original Call of Duty.

Hey one other thing I noticed, those special edition boxes don’t have the Call of Duty branding on them. Probably will change between now and then, but it’s a whole lot more fun to speculate. Hmm… hmm indeed…