Murder, She Wrote coming to PC

I have a very secret shame that I’ve kept hidden for many years. As a child I often watched Murder, She Wrote with my grandparents and actually enjoyed it. So when I read Legacy Interactive’s first look into the upcoming game today, the kid in me (who likes the frosted side of my mini-wheats) was tickled with glee. I had missed the announcement of the game during E3, and though I probably won’t be getting it when it comes out in Q3 this year, I am a bit entertained by the prospect of a game where you get to play as Jessica Fletcher and solve murder mysteries. It looks to be like a typical mystery game format, where there is a setting in front of the player that they can examine to find clues and whatnot. And though it seems like the game is likely just being made to cash in on some favorite childhood memories, I do recall that the mysteries were sometimes pretty good and definitely entertaining. So if they can keep up with the source material it might be worth bargain bin price someday for mystery game fans.