New Rage site opens up

We’ll be getting details on id’s new game Rage when we all run out and pick up this month’s Game Informer, but in case you hate paper and printed words, there is another option. An interactive teaser site for Rage called After the Impact has opened its metaphorical doors for perusing. The site lets visitors follow the story of a lone survivor in the world of Rage and will update with more information and storyline every two days. It’s kind of like the thing Dead Space did, which makes sense because Visceral (formerly EA Redwood) published that game too.

It looks like each update will represent a week in our survivor’s life. It’s basically a point and click adventure over still screens, but it does seem to be opening up a very interesting world. If you weren’t excited for Rage before then this will most likely make you — unless you hate apocalypses for some reason. Mystery abounds about why the apocalypse occurred, but I’m sure we’ll be finding out more soon.