Fallout 3’s Mothership Zeta DLC dated

DLC. DLC never changes. Bethesda is gearing up for the release of their fifth downloadable add-on to the extremely successful Fallout 3, which has become more of a franchise itself than a singular addition to the series. While the first four (Operation: Anchorage, The Pitt, Broken Steel, and Point Lookout) were mostly grounded in the world of the original story, Mothership Zeta is throwing a serious curveball at the Fallout story. A serious alien abduction curveball.

Some adventurous Wastelanders might recall a crashed UFO from the original game, complete with unfortunately deceased E.T. pilot and his fully functional Alien Blaster. Well apparently that cruiser wasn’t just for looting, as that sucker has been relaying a distress signal back into space, calling Mothership Zeta down to Earth. In true alien fashion, the player is taken prisoner on the spacecraft, forcing to make some friends and fight his way out. Since the DLC is transporting us to a whole new world, one would expect a bevy of new enemies, weapons, and armor. Expect and you shall receive. There’s gonna be the all-new Alien Atomizer, Alien Disintegrator, and Drone Cannon for blasting those alien scum, as well as a Gemini-Era Spacesuit and, awesomely enough, Samurai Armor.

Mothership Zeta and countless abduction puns are set for Aug. 3 on both Xbox 360 and PC at that 800 MS price point we all know and love. Check out the gallery below for an early look at your new home in the sky.