APB isn’t so massive after all

Dave Jones of RealTime Worlds, not to be confused with Davey Jones, revealed some interesting insight about the nature of APB‘s persistent world. It appears that the world will be persistent but each server will only support 100 players. To put it in to perspective, generally MMO’s have fifty to a hundred times that amount on a single server. He also stated that there will be no lobby system and players will get dumped onto servers dynamically.

Despite the overall gaming be massive, the individual shard servers will be limited to a very small 100 people. What this will mean for the gameplay, we’re not sure. We are hoping that this doesn’t mean that you’ll feel as if you’re in a deserted city and only find yourself running into other players once in a blue moon. The whole point of MMO games is the community aspect and playing with tons of other people. One hundred is certainly not enough to get the feeling of a massively multiplayer game, that’s for sure.