PC Engine games coming to Japanese PSN, possibly XBLA

You just can’t keep Master Higgins down. Sony of Japan has announced that some PC Engine classics are coming to the Japanese PlayStation Store, with the first quartet of titles appearing on the service today. These include the hellishly addictive Devil’s Crush, the old-school multiplayer warfare of Bomberman ’94, the dinosaur-riding platformer New Adventure Island, and the very Japanese Sengoku Mahjong. Each of these games are currently available on the Wii Virtual Console in Japan, with all but Mahjong appearing in the US shop as well.

All of these titles will be playable on both the PS3 and PSP, and will cost about the same as they do on the Japanese Virtual Console. These ports are direct emulations of the original HuCards, so don’t expect to see any added features. The PC Engine was renamed the TurboGrafx-16 when released in North America, and truthfully didn’t make that much of an impact. Aside from bringing us Bonk and the first console CD-ROM drive, the system stood in the enormous shadows of other 16-bit titans and went mostly unnoticed.

No word yet from Sony of America if any of these titles will be appearing in the US store. Given Sony’s reluctance to pump out PS1 classics on a regular basis, this probably won’t be happening anytime soon. The official site for this re-release also includes a currently-empty Xbox Live Arcade section, possibly hinting that some of these games could migrate to Microsoft’s platform as well. Considering that one of the above titles includes both skateboards and dinosaurs, we certainly hope so.