Rare excited about using Avatars with Natal

Rare has been speaking about the future of  Xbox’s Avatars, which they designed for Microsoft, at the Develop Conference 2009 and they are clearly very excited at how to incorporate the digital characters with Natal.

Louise Ridgeway, Rare’s head of animation, said “There’s going to be more clothing and more games and accessories,” and that they are “very excited by thinking about how Avatars will work with Natal, too.”

What does this mean to us, the gamers? Not a lot right now. We can count on an influx of awesome/mediocre Avatar clothing linked to Achievements in the near future but, other than that, it’s all hot air for now. But considering Rare’s gaming legacy has recently taken a backseat to the NXE Avatars and other under-the-hood things, we’re hoping some of that old Rare magic might be conjured up once Natal hits.