Sept. 8th to be among Darkest of Days

Back at E3 we covered an upcoming game called Darkest of Days for Xbox 360 and PC. This FPS is going to offer the chance to fight through some of history’s bloodiest battles, occasionally with futuristic weaponry. These battles are supposedly incredibly historically accurate and will run on a new engine called the Marmoset Engine. While the engine doesn’t seem to have the best looking graphics, it will supposedly allow for hundreds of advanced AI enemies on screen at once without any graphical glitches.

I remember way back when the 360 came out that this was one of the touted features that it was supposed to have, but after playing Kameo the naive belief that this was true was undeniably shattered. If this game can pull it off it could be pretty damn sweet, and I really hope it does. Regardless, we don’t have all that long to wait to see if it does. Today it was announced that Darkest of Days will be released on September 8, almost right around the corner.