Serious Sam seriously wants your seriously witty sayings, srsly

We got into this business because we have always wanted to have fame, fortune, and a legacy in the videogame world. So while we continue to work on that, Croteam, developers of the Serious Sam franchise, have announced a way that gamers can take the easy route and get them all at once – maybe not the fortune thing, all depends on how it is played it up.

Kicking off the Serious Tweet Contest, gamers get “a chance to write their very own clever one-liner or hilarious wisecrack that Sam ‘Serious’ Stone will drop” during his continuous fighting in the upcoming Xbox Arcade title Serious Sam HD. As the video above explains, the winner will have their submission recorded by John J. Dick, the voice talent behind Sam, and integrated in the summer release. Not only that, but the winner’s name will be added to the end credits and be forever frozen in pixelated history so that their grandchildren’s children will have something to show the aliens when they finally co-exist with humans.

To enter, the instructions are in the video above. If you’re not down with waiting for the information, go to Twitter and tweet the best quip possible to @devolverdigital between July 15 and July 30. Devolver Digital will choose and will announce the winner to those who follow and/or in early August.

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