Denis Dyack thinks a single platform is “inevitable”

Silicon Knights founder Denis Dyack is famous for being outspoken, even if it means layering on the hyperbole (notably his claims that Too Human would revolutionize combat games) and he chose to spin his thoughts at this year’s Develop Conference in Brighton about the future of the industry in a session titled, “Design: Video Games as The Eighth Art.”

During the session Dyack revealed that he thinks the market is over-saturated with releases and the current system choice makes it hard for any one game to really stand out without excessive marketing. The solution? In his mind, “We need to get to a point where we have one medium you can play the games on. Right now we’ve got five or six.”

The industry stalwart would like to see the game design model follow that of feature films, requiring a universal medium with which to experience them. He says, “If you look at the film industry there’s only one projector. It’s a pretty universal form of, how am I going to show this film? We don’t have that in the video game industry right now.”

The problems would surely stem from console manufacturers who can make profitable growth once their machine is established (see Nintendo) and a universal medium for any competitive industry isn’t exactly hard, it’s almost impossible as clearly seen in the cell phone market with various software formats and even battery adapters varying from model to model.

Despite Dyack’s noble intentions we can’t help but feel his opinions are weighed more in the developers favor (profitability and ease) rather than that of the consumer (choice and variety) but who knows what the future holds? Dyack thinks the transition from multiple platforms to a singular one is “inevitable” but consumers will speak with their dollars and, right now, they’re telling a different story to Dyack.