Dirt 2 getting a demo

Even though we’ve known it’s coming for quite a while, we haven’t really seen all that much from Codemasters’ next entry in the Dirt series yet as the screenshots and few short gameplay clips we’ve seen can hardly be called an in-depth look at the game. Since it’s difficult to know exactly what to expect, and especially now that worldwide release dates have been given, we got a little curious as to whether or not Codemasters will continue their good habit of releasing demos.

“Yes indeed!,” Codemasters’ Global Communications Manager Sam Cordier told TVGB today. “A demo is in the plan for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC (the latter will be a little later on to work with the PC release).”

When said demo will see daylight is still up in the air as “Timing is yet to be confirmed, but a demo is certainly in the plan,” Cordier assures us.