Spying robots are coming for you in September

Robots. A scourge on our communities. A menace to international security. But now, things are about to get much, much worse. Now, robots are SPIES. All right, all right, enough with the melodrama. We all know we’re decades away from spying robot technology. But this September 29, Capcom will indulge your fantasies of technological espionage with the release of Spyborgs for the Nintendo Wii.

In the grand tradition of Final Fight and Captain Commando, this Wii game will be a multiplayer, button-mashing brawler. Capcom is already bragging about Spyborgs pushing the Wii to its graphical limits but whether or not the game’s visuals will live up to this hype, Spyborgs might be worth keeping tabs on if you’ve been yearning for some old school violence on the Wii.