Still life left in PGR, Bizarre says

The excellent Project Gotham Racing series they delivered for the Xbox consoles, the most recent of which, PGR4, found an almost perfect balance between realistic sims and super arcade racers, is what developer Bizarre is most known for. But despite working on something quite different since they’ve been bought by Activision, Bizarre believes there’s life left in the old gal yet.

“Could we have taken it further? Possibly we could have, but also it was whether or not we wanted to. You start getting franchise fatigue, and when you start to get franchise fatigue your review scores start to go down and you have to do crazier things to inject something new,” Bizarre producer Chris Pickford said during a “Evolving the racing franchise” presentation at the Develop Conference, adding, “I think there’s still a lot of life left in it, but it’s anyone’s game now,” likely referring to the fact that Microsoft retained the rights to the name and should there be another game in the series it would be developed by a different entity.

Bizarre itself has moved onto making Blur, an “adult Mario Kart”, under Activision. A title that, despite Activision saying it’ll do for racers what Call of Duty did for shooters, isn’t looking too hot when we saw it at E3 last month.