Dragon Rising dated for October

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, the long-awaited follow-up to one of the best war sims out there, has been dated today by Codemasters. It may not be developed by the original team, but what we’ve seen so far has left us hopeful enough to be excited for blowing up a tank and then gleefully hiding in the bushes. How it’ll all play out is something that can be tried out through a demo that’s coming to all platforms the game’s released on, though whether it’ll be a pre-release demo or not hasn’t been specified yet. We contacted Codemasters today to see if there’s anything new they can tell us on that, but unfortunately they’re not talking specifics yet.

The game will hit the 360, PS3 and PC simultaneously on October 6th in North America, October 8th through EPAC territories, and October 9th in the UK. Find a new video and screenshots below that came with the announcement.