Greenberg talks Xbox 360

The length of the current console generation has been widely speculated on. Sony’s constantly reminding us they have a 10-year plan for their black box and, according to Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg, Microsoft isn’t far behind. “We believe we’re less than halfway through this generation,” Greenberg has told Gamasutra, noting that now that the 360’s prices are more affordable, adoption can accelerate.

Greenberg also pointed out the console’s online marketplace, where paid downloads had increased 73 percent over the 12 months since June. “That significantly outpaces what we saw in growth for console sales or software sales,” he said. Mircrosoft also showed that 17 million unique users have downloaded content over Xbox Live, though content included things aside from games, like TV shows and movies.

He also supports Project Natal, of course, which he says will be “delivering these experiences that will allow us to appeal to a much broader audience – people that are intimidated by the controller, and intimidated by video games.”

For the upcoming holiday season, Greenberg is confident about the Xbox 360’s lineup, but says it’s hard to say whether the current economic problem surrounding the industry will affect it, “I hate to promise or speculate what the second half will be for us or the market, but I think it will be tough comps for the entire industry.”