PS3 a viable platform according to EA

In not those exact words the EA UK head honcho Keith Ramsdale stated that all of the current generation of platforms are viable. “As it stands, the installed base of 360, PS3 and Wii, just talk about the home consoles, is a significant base. We’re interested in the projection parts, as to where we put our development, and as it stands today they’re all three very viable platforms,” explained Ramsdale.

He also briefly weighed in on Activision’s recent comments about the PS3: “Activision are free to make whatever comment they choose to make on it.”

Finally, Ramsdale quickly talked about the need for PS3 price cuts and decided that it’s up to Sony whether or not that’s a move that needs to be made. “So, is it in our interest that the installed base of hardware increases? Yeah, of course it is. Sony are the ones that have to manage their own business… it has to be Sony’s decision,” he said. Well said sir, but we should keep in mind that for a system to survive the install base needs to expand and a price cut would certainly help that happen.