PS3 motion control to truly rock your face off with “true interaction”

By now everyone knows that Sony has a motion controller on the way which will compete with the likes of the Wiimote and Natal. But do you know what Sony executives have to say about the technology?  Well, we’ll learn ya! Quoth Sony developer services manager Kish Hirani, “It can track true 3D, where ever I move it will fully track on every axis.” Adds Sony Computer Entertainment Europe executive Colin Hughes, “We’re not getting any lag. It is very quick and responsive.” You’re probably wondering about how the accelerometers affect the motion controller’s accuracy. Hirani has nothing but answers: “It tracks the controller based on the accelerometer – so you can use it really freely, even behind your back. You have great accuracy.” Bottom line – Sony employees love to talk about motion control. And, from the sound of it, this motion control is worth talking about.