PSN release of Zeno Clash “unlikely”

As well as working on the upcoming Zeno Clash sequel, developers ACE Team are toiling to bring the original game to the console crowd via digital distribution. We already know that an Xbox LIVE Arcade version of the unique brawler is in the works, but those looking forward to a PSN release are set to be disappointed.

Speaking to That VideoGame Blog, ACE Team co-founder Andres Bordeu was coy about bringing his game to consoles via digital distribution, saying only, “We’re still evaluating the possibility of an XBLA port. It’s something we’re very interested in doing and we’re putting all our efforts in making it happen.” The big tease.

On a potential PlayStation 3 version, however, Bordeu was a little more revealing. Echoing the statements of many other devs, the Zeno Clash designer pointed to the complexity of the PlayStation 3 architecture as an unfortunate stumbling block. “A PSN version of the game is unlikely, mainly because the Source Engine isn’t ported to the PlayStation 3. Our team is just too small to port the tools, the engine and the game to PS3.”

So what’s this? ACE Team say PS3 sucks balls? Douse those flames, fanboys, you’re wrong. ACE Team are still striving to bring a bit of their trademarked bonkers brawling to the PS3, saying, “Still, we’re very interested in Sony’s platforms and our goal is to have Zeno Clash 2 available for both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.” Phew, thank god for that.

TVGB’s full interview with Andres Bordeu hits later today.