Return to Castle Wolfenstein in third installment of motion comic

Today Activision released the third of a series of four MadWorld-esque motion comics promoting the next-generation reboot of the classic Wolfenstein series.

The first one followed the events of Wolfenstein 3D, the second the events of Spear of Destiny, and now the third the events of Return to Castle Wolfenstein.  Like Spear of Destiny, it was a prequel. And also like Spear of Destiny, it failed to provide anything that even remotely compared to that magical moment you went boot to robotic-boot with Mecha Hilter in the first game. Still, this highly-stylized motion comic manages to make it look better than my memory ever could.

With just one more to go, can we expect a black, white and red sneak peek at the story of the new game, or will Activision be scraping the bottom of the spin-off barrel with an animated summary of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory?