Would you kindly pick me up a copy of Jhonen Vasquez’s “The Sisters”

Commissioned by 2K and currently featured on The Cult of Rapture, this is The Sisters, by Jhonen Vasquez, the twisted and talented mind behind Invader Zim, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and Squee!.

The Sisters is the first of a series of BioShock-inspired works, from a variety of 2K-commissioned artists, cartoonists and illustrators, to be released over the coming months. Vasquez details the involving process of creating the final image, which he’ll be signing at the San Diego Comic-Con, in a blog post replete with ultimately unused, but nonetheless interesting concept sketches. For the chance to win an autographed copy, you’ll have to visit the BioShock 2 booth early, as the special edition piece will be limited to a print run of 500 and distributed via lottery.