Zeno Clash dev on why free DLC works

Zeno Clash designer and ACE Team co-founder Andres Bordeu believes that providing free downloadable content to users can be more profitable than charging for it.

Speaking to That VideoGame Blog, Bordeu outlined ACE Team’s approach to DLC, saying, “Until now we have not thought of selling additional content. We think that the additional users we can persuade to purchase the game by releasing free DLC will generate more value for us than what we’d get from charging for the same DLC. It also makes more sense on the long term. The more consumers that get involved with our game the bigger our ‘customer base’ is for our next game. ”

But it’s not just beneficial to the developers, of course. There are benefits for the consumer too. “People who are on the fence about purchasing will not be persuaded by DLC that has to be paid for. But if the DLC is free then the whole product carries more value for new consumers.”

So, the user gets more value for money, the studio ships more copies and everyone’s a winner. It’s a model employed to great success by Criterion and Valve, but it’s nice to see other devs jumping on board too. You can never have too much free stuff, after all.

Look out for the full interview with Andres Bordeu, available on TVGB later today.