Chun-Li gets nekkid

In another blow to the argument that gamers are actually mature and worthwhile contributors to society, some bright sparks have created nude skins for Street Fighter IV. As you can see in the shot above, poor old Chun-Li is one of the unfortunate victims. Don’t worry – that isn’t her terrifying hairy muff in the picture. We’ve just taken the necessary precautions to shield you from the full horror. What better way to do it than with Zangief’s beardy mug? The full, uncensored versions can be found on the NudeCreator forums.

This isn’t the first time videogame characters have been robbed of their dignity. Lara Croft is a perpetual target, while Zoey from Left 4 Dead was recently stripped. Just imagine if these guys dedicated their time to something more constructive, like curing cancer, or keeping Oprah off TV. The world would be a beautiful place. Still, since they’ve gone to so much effort, here’s some more (frankly baffling) screenshots for you – click ‘more’ if you dare…

Here’s a particularly flattering angle of Chun-Li:

And a rather unfortunate position involving Cammy and Gen:

This one is likely to give us night terrors for months to come…