EA: Anti-motion gamers should stop looking back

Are you one of the many hardcore gamers out there who believe that the advent of games like Wii Sports and other simplistic Wii titles for casual/new gamers are ruining the industry? Then EA thinks you need to quit living in the past. “People look back too much instead of looking forward,” said Keith Ramsdale, the EA UK boss, in an interview with VideoGamer. “The opportunities are much greater by having numerous interfaces between the player and the content. Your opportunities become so much greater.”

Sure, there is a big chance here for game companies to really try and push the envelope, and create some innovative stuff with upcoming technology, but will they really go through with it? Or will they instead try to make something generic that appeals more to everyone, has very little degree of challenge to the hardcore gamer, and will sell like hotcakes? This is a debate that all gamers have some sort of stance on, about which Ramsdale says, “Is there a threat to the industry? No, not in any way, shape or form. Complete the opposite. This allows us to go into an area of entertainment that isn’t thought of.”

Ramsdale also believes that, so long as there is a market for “core” games they will continue to be produced, “… while there remains an audience for certain traditional types of core games, and it’s a financially viable audience, companies are still going to make those games.” So, according to EA, as long as we keep spending enough of our money on games we like, game companies will keep on making them.