June NPD data reveals mediocre sales for The Conduit

Well, it looks like we can throw another log on the “hardcore games don’t sell on Wii” fire. Despite riding a massive hype train that started in the spring of last year with a look at the impressive engine powering the game, The Conduit managed to sell just under 72,000 units in its release month according to NPD data provided to Edge. To be fair, the game shipped on June 23, which means these numbers only represent a little more than a week of sales, but that hasn’t stopped hardcore titles on other platforms from breaking records in seven days. But let’s not compare apples to Xboxes…

Two other hardcore Wii titles published by Sega, The House of the Dead: Overkill and MadWorld sold 45,000 and 66,000 units respectively in their release months — and they were on sale longer than a week. Compared to its Sega compatriots then, The Conduit is actually performing admirably — it’s just not looking like the blockbuster many were hoping it would be. That said, we expect the July NPD numbers to paint a more complete picture of the game’s eventual success or failure as the Wii’s great hardcore hope.