New York state bans videogames… while driving

It’s Monday morning, 8:30am. You’re sitting in your 1999 Dodge Intrepid waiting, hoping all these cabs will just disappear. You know they won’t, though. You watch pedestrians make greater progress than you, and just imagine that you’re feeling subway trains zoom by in their zoomy subterranean way. Face it, you’re late for work. So screw it… bust out your DS and try again at beating level 1 of Contra 4. Hey… you’re doing pretty good! So good, in fact, that you missed the light turn green, so now 50 cabs are honking at you. Startled, you step on it without assessing the road situation, you speed forward and almost hit a pedestrian who was preemptively crossing what he knew would let him walk in just a second. Que those sirens, because you’re getting a ticket good sir. And what’s that the cop sees as he writes you up? In the passenger seat sits a Nintendo DS flipped open with the words “Game Over” written on them in brawny Contra text.

Guess what? A new bill that senate just passed means you might even get an additional $150 fine for playing a videogame while driving. The bill, which was passed by a strong majority, also spells doom to those who like to text message or browse the web when at the wheel. It’s a secondary offense, which means you have to have been pulled over for something else first, and lose an extra $150. It still has yet to get approval from Governor Patterson, but if/when he does, the law will go into effect this November. Tuck ’em away and be safe, you NY kids. Soon, it’ll be THE LAW.