Will Wright: Videogame technology needs to level up

For those that are tired of videogames being pigeonholed by political officials, myself included, Will Wright, known for his SimCity titles has the solution. To put it simply, he believes that if games want to be taken seriously, they should take themselves seriously.

In speaking with the Chronicle on Higher Education and referenced on Gamepolitics, Wright pointed out that the reasons that videogames are looked upon with dubious eyes in the mainstream are because “what is done with video game technology mostly appeals to 12-year-old boys.”

Wright continues by noting that games have been around for centuries…noting examples such as Go! and chess, games that require equal levels of interactivity, with the only difference being that controllers are not present.

I agree with Wright’s assessments; I think that though the majority of games do place a high premium on action and thrills, games do exist that focus on mental focus and dexterity. Those games, I think need to be regarded with the same gravitas that are typically reserved for titles such as Gears of War and Call of Duty.