Normal subscriptions might not be how APB rolls

No matter what, there are some people out there who just won’t pay additional or reoccurring payment for videogames. Loosely translated, they hate MMOs and the monthly fees that are associated with them. All Points Bulletin, the MMO currently being developed by Realtime Worlds is looking very impressive despite some limitations and if you despise the financial concepts behind massively-multiplayer online games but find yourself interested by APB, then Realtime Worlds head Dave Jones may be able to change your mind because they don’t want to go the traditional route of monthly subscriptions.

“Basically, you have to buy the client. It’s a traditional game that you buy,” he said to VG247, “We’re not going the normal ‘you have to subscribe to play the game every month’ route. What we haven’t said is which route we are going, and in some respects we’re still looking.” If that still hasn’t convinced you, then hey, someone has to pay for the $30 million investment placed on APB.