Activision’s Bizarre buyout may cost them $107 million

Activision are now North America’s biggest console and handheld publisher, leapfrogging EA, with their total net revenues hitting $2.9 billion and surging annual profits of $345 million. That’s a lot of scratch.

Now the mega-publisher is looking to not get paid but get charged, with a bill potentially reaching in excess of $100 million. The studio’s acquisition of developer Bizarre Creations, most famous for the Project Gotham Racing franchise, was scooped up by Activision at an initial cost of $67.4 million in cash.

But Develop is reporting that if the studio hits its targets, during the next couple of years, the total cost to Activision could be as much as $107.4 million. Ouch. Activision are probably hoping that their next title, Blur, exceeds the sales of The Club (an underappreciated gem).