Jonathan Blow’s new game detailed…slightly

An update from Jonathan Blow on his blog last Thursday with job ads for a “puzzle-exploration game that is philosophical, and quiet, and is being made for reasons other than crass profit motive” tickled the fancies of many obnoxious elitists and fueled the hatred of, well, non-obnoxious elitists. I guess that’s what all artists have to go through (my seminal work, Thorn Crown Upon a Fetus, was met with mixed reviews). Joystiq tried to get more clarification from Blow about what the heck his new game will be about. Responding, Blow explained the idea happened prior to Braid”s release but he was worried about tackling a larger, more expansive 3D game at the time.

Which is to say, he skirted the question rather nicely.

He only begun working on his current game “in earnest” a few scant weeks earlier so don’t expect the game for a long, long while (two years from now at the earliest). He doesn’t know whether or not the game will be DLC like Braid but he’ll update his progress on his blog. Also of note is that it sounds like he and his small team haven’t even started on the concept art yet, let alone anything tangible for the masses.