Levine says 2K Marin has to “put their stamp” on BioShock 2

Ken Levine’s made a name for himself in the gaming community — the man’s responsible for creating BioShock as well as having a hand in Thief: The Dark Project and System Shock 2. So it came as a surprise to fans when the creator walked away from BioShock 2 and handed the reigns to 2K Marin, leaving to set up his own new project.

But speaking to Gamasutra recently Levine made it clear that BioShock 2 is not his baby and that the studio will have to prove itself with its execution, just as his did with the original. “I’m not working on BioShock 2. I make no claim to anything on BioShock 2, and I think it’s important that that’s their product, and their culture,” Levine said.

Whether 2K Marin will match the lofty expectations of the franchise’s fervent fans remain to be seen and the recently announced delay can mean one of two things, either more development time to really make the project shine or a tactical delay to stall a disappointment. We take it as a fortuitous sign, the original (and seminal) title was scrapped halfway through development and rebuilt much better for it. We can only hope that the sequel’s development will follow the gold standard of its forbear.