NBA took a pass on NBA Jam’s Mortal Kombat court

Back when publisher/developer Midway wasn’t being sold to Warner Bros. and shuttering studios, it was known as one of the top dogs in the games industry. And it was also known for cramming in a whole buttload of easter eggs into its games. But apparently, not everyone was pleased with some of Midway’s hidden gems. Particularly, the NBA.

According to Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon’s Twitter page, a MK-inspired basketball court was going to be added as a secret unlockable for a potential NBA Jam or Hangtime port. Boon tweeted, “The spine held up the backboard. The skull was the hoop and the flesh head was the basketball. Would’ve been fun!” Yes, Ed. It most certainly would have been. Too bad the NBA put a kibosh on the plans.

Our guess is that the NBA didn’t want to draw the ire of politicians and “concerned” parents by crossing images of their athletes with one of more controversial games of the times, which is understandable. But to be honest, Shaq Fu was more of a bane to society than a demonic basketball court could ever be.