Ubisoft joins social network fray with their first Facebook game

Facebook is popular. Facebook is crazy popular. It’s so popular, it was almost voted Prom King AND Queen. That was a terrible joke. But what is no joke, is that it’s so popular that UbiSoft will be releasing a game on the network. It’s called Tick Tock, which is described on VentureBeat as a “viral trivia” game.

For those of you not on Facebook, members can update their status. You can write, basically, anything you want here. What Tick Tock does is take a bunch of those and throw them at you in a fast-paced trivia format. It’ll ask you what the status of some friend on your friends list is, and you have about five seconds to answer it. The more questions you answer right, the more powerful the bomb gets, and the more dangerous for other people you’ll be playing against. It gets a little more involved, and more detailed on the above link. It’ll be stiff competition for Bejeweled Blitz to be sure, but will it rock the house? What kind of precedent is this? When do the other devs jump on board and will we be downloading old Mega Man games on Facebook? So many questions, the answers… only the future knows.