Xbox Live infiltrated by ads and commercials

It’s official, the end is nigh. Another harbinger of the apocalypse has reared its ugly head and it’s up to us, like Nostradamus before us, to warn of the forthcoming horrors. Microsoft’s new dashboard advertisements have started to appear like plague infested zombies ready to devour our gaming experience. Perhaps we’re being a little over dramatic but you get the point. Yes, the advertisements that were hinted at a while back have now come to fruition. Not only are there the standard banner ads and so on, akin to those on any web site, but also there are more dynamic advertisements that play a freakin’ sound.

Speaking to Kotaku Josh Lovison, from digital ad gurus IPG, says that the Silverlight powered content won’t be as dominating as once feared but rather work with the existing NXE design to “fit with the rest of the interface”. As yet we remain skeptical, especially when paying  subscription fee for the service, but we have yet to experience the glory of the things ourselves. Feel free to chime in with your thoughts if you have and tell us what you thought, who knows it may be surprisingly good… *crosses fingers*