20 minutes of Brütal Legend gameplay

And not just gameplay, commentary as well. Voice-over is provided by not only Tim Schafer like last time, but also Lead Designer Erik Robson and Art Director Lee Petty as well. In this 22+ minute glimpse into the Brütal Legend universe the guys talk Eddie Riggs through recruiting his first batch of troops, customizing his ride, and give you a feel for the whole brutal world. Ozzy Osbourne also makes his in-context arrival as the upgrades shopkeeper located deep within the heart of the planet.

With all the chunks of story and game info being freely given out this far before release, it’s getting harder and harder to watch these beautiful little features. Is there such a thing as too much? With the first half an hour of the game free to peruse right now does anyone else feel the need to just play it? Does this barrage of meaningful content offered up make the thirst to play this rise from “pressing” to “incessant”? I know it does for me!

Well then that settles it; For me at least this will be the last glimpse of Mt. Rockmore and Swordhenge until Brütal Legend is released on Rocktober 13th for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Maybe.