Left 4 Dead 2 goes into the woods and introduces the Spitter

The existence of Left 4 Dead 2 has been met with mixed reactions but so far that had done little to deter Valve. In a wave of new gameplay trailers Valve has given us, whether we like it or not, a taste of what is in store for use in this anticipated sequel. Perhaps some worries will be quelled by the fact that the eeriness that Left 4 Dead had appears to be present in these videos. It’s dark and ominous and if you look hard enough, you’ll notice a new special infected in the Shanty trailer.

The Spitter is a new special infected that combines the Smoker and the Boomer as it lobs a green glob of spit at its target. The spit doesn’t attract zombies like the Boomer’s bile does but instead leaves an area of effect on the ground that causes damage to anyone standing within it. It won’t do tons of upfront damage but if executed well could drain a lot of life out of the entire team at once.

In the preview that accompanied these trailers it was revealed that along with the ammo packs players are getting a new toy called Adrenaline that will work like pills but have a different effect. The effect allows players to constantly melee and also removes the slow down effect when infected are hitting you. The new effect will allow players to run if they find themselves separated from the team and can’t get away from the circle of zombies beating on them. From the tiny bit we’ve seen of Left 4 Dead 2 so far it appears that we’re in store for some interesting twists. The core game is still there, but there are a lot more variables to consider when trying to survive against the zombie onslaught. Sounds like a good time to us.