Mark Rein says new UE3 updates will blow us away

Epic head Mark Rein was at the Develop 2009 in Brighton, England and had a few things to say about Epic’s much used Unreal Engine. Most strikingly was that fact that Rein is still leading the engine’s fan club and says that the coming update will have new features that “will blow people away.”

The Unreal Engine is currently sitting at the third iteration, but Rein has said that if there were incremental engine versions, “we’d be at about 3.8 right now.” He adds that “It’s a very mature engine and we’re adding great new features every year.”

“I just saw some incredible new stuff that we’re [showing] either later this year or next year for new engine features and I think they’re really going to blow people away.”

We cannot wait to be blown away, we need something to wake us up during this summer gaming drought.