Street Fighter IV Evo 2009 Final in video

Fighting games have developed a long way since simple button-mashing, adding complexity and crucial timing as they went on, but none holds the fan’s adoration or attention as much as Capcom’s Street Fighter franchise, most recently with chapter IV.

Players across the world have been battling each other to take a place at this year’s Evo 2009 championships, the biggest fighting game tournament worldwide, but the honor fell to Justin Wong and Daigo Umehara who operates under the self-titled prison friendly pseudonym “The Beast”.

Diago beasted (pardon the pun) young Wong who played as shotokan fireballer Ryu and hard-hitting boxer Balrog (or M. Bison for our Japanese readers) respectively. Check the video to see how the pros really do it and suddenly realise how sorrowful your Street Fighter skills really are.