The man with the golden guns, or yet another reason to pre-order Uncharted 2

Gold. Plated. Guns. As if Uncharted 2: Among Thieves weren’t already sending us into a collective countdown frenzy, Sony has just revealed the official box art (after the jump), confirmed the release date (October 13), and announced a plethora of pre-order goodies available from various retailers, among them an exceptionally purty pair of gold-plated Berettas and AK-47 to add a little bling to those multiplayer matches.

There are a total of four different downloadable exclusives being offered, which break down as follows: Best Buy gets the aforementioned golden guns, Amazon a treasure map that “allows players to discover hidden treasures throughout the game,” Game Crazy a currency multiplier that “allows gamers to gain in-game currency and unlock bonuses faster than their opponents for a limited period,” and GameStop a Revenge Attribute Booster for the multiplayer. GameStop also gets access to the multiplayer demo on September 9, three weeks before it opens to the general public on September 30.

Frankly, they could be handing out a codes for a photo of Howard Stringer in a party dress and I’d still be super pumped – nothing can dull my excitement for this game’s release, not even the soul scarring image of Sony’s president stretched sensuously across a baby grand!