UE3 the first Natal-compatible engine

In case anyone’s been wondering, the demos that Microsoft used to introduce Project Natal to the world at E3 early last month were created with Epic’s Unreal technology. “The ricochet game and the paint party game are Unreal Engine 3,” Epic’s VP Mark Rein has told OXM, “so we’re obviously the first technology on the new platform which is kinda cool.”

This of course means that developers who have chosen to develop their games on the ever-popular Unreal Engine won’t likely have to go through too much trouble to make their games compatible with Microsoft’s new motion controls. What types of games can make good use of them however is another question. There’s an awful lot of UE3-powered shooters out there and Epic’s own admission of likely staying clear of Natal themselves isn’t exactly filling us with confidence that Natal will work great with shooters. But who knows, maybe that’ll be one of the features they’re hoping to ‘blow us away’ with.