World at War map packs chalks up 4 million sold

Treyarch’s Call of Duty: World at War is a sales juggernaut. The title sold through the roof and subsequent map packs have sold ridiculously well, with a third map pack announced just yesterday. And to coincide with the announcement of the new pack publisher Activision stood on their soap box and boasted about the number of units the previously released DLC maps have sold.

That number currently stands at over 4 million copies over Xbox Live and PlayStation Network according to Activision. Now, do the math. The map packs retail for around 800 MS Points or $10 (£7.99 for my fellow Englishmen) so if you multiply those numbers by 4 million you approximately get 3,200,000,000 MS Points, $40 million dollars or £32 million. Sure those clumsy figures don’t cater for regional pricing and promotions etc but it gives you an idea of how profitable DLC can be when done right.